Marwar Muslim Educational & Welfare Society
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Governing Body

1 Haji Abadullah Qureshi President Contractor
2 Mohd. Ali Chundarigar Vice President Business  
3 Nisar Ahmed Khilji General Secretary Business  
4 Mohammed Atique Treasurer Business

5 Abdul Aziz Member Business  
6 Fazlur Rehman Member Business



7 Nazir Khan Member Business
8 Haji Mohd. Ishaque Member Business  
9 Abdul Rauf Ansari Member Business  
10 Firoz Ahmed Quazi Member Medical  
11 Mohammed Sabir Member Business  
12 Anwar Ali Khan Member Service  
13 Ridmal Khan Member Lawyer  
14 Naushad Khan Member Business  
15 Abdullah Khalid Qureshi Member Contractor  
16 Ataur Rehman Member Business  
17 Mehboob Nagauri Member Business  
18 Jugnu Khan Member Business  
19 Abdul Rauf Contractor Member Contractor  
20 Ikramuddin Abbasi Member Contractor  
21 Tayyab Ali Ansari Member Business  
22 Ahmed Hussain Bhurat Member Lawyer  
23 Rajab Ali Contractor Member Contractor  
24 Mohammed Ramzan Member Contractor  
25 Sheikh Ahmed Ali Member Service  
26 Mohd. Haneef Lohani Member Business  
27 Zaki Ahmed (Kim) Member Business  
28 Mohammed Asif Member Educationist  
29 Hameem Bux Member Business  
30 Sadique Ali (Advocate) Member Lawyer  
31 Shabbir Hussain Member Ex-Service